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Universal Telecoms

We are manufacturers of Aadhaar Based Biometric Devices as per UIDAI guidelines.

As many govt organizations are implementing AEBAS, and many customers unsatisfied with tablet-based attendance punching system are replacing them with our product.

Based on technical scrutiny, Matrix AEBAS product is the only approved Embedded Linux Platform device under Wall Mount Category.

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Some of the unique features of our AEBAS device areas mentioned below for your reference:

Authentication Mode Smart Card + Finger: This saves a repeated time required to input an Adhaar number every day for attendance authentication. It can also enable differently-abled persons to do punching easily.

Regional Language Support: Matrix AEBAS device is compatible with a regional language other than English default language support.

Connectivity: Connect Matrix AEBAS Device through LAN with PoE, WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE, Bluetooth.

IP 65 ingress Protection: Dust tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

Certifications: STQC, CE, RoHS, BIS, FCC

Operating Platform: Linux Operating Platform

Identification: Within 1.5 Sec

Universal Telecoms
Universal Telecoms

Our Process

We deliver quality products at affordable prices to all our customers and provide rapid solutions when technical assistance is needed. We complete our works with a magic touch by our Tech team. As the trust of our customers grows day by day, we hold on to the unmatched support we provide.

Public Address System: Installation & Service of PA and Sound Systems.

Home / Office Networking: Networking Solutions for Home and Office spaces.

Other Security Solutions: Installation & Service of various security products.